Let’s Reboot the Blog

I’m revisiting my blog around an idea I had a few years ago called Good Energy Makers, or GEMs, for short. A GEM is any kind of small item (trinkets, souvenirs, rocks, photos, etc.) we keep around to remind us of positive thinking, good memories or just happy thoughts. The name was born when a visitor to the studio once asked what all the mishmash of ‘stuff’ was that I had hanging around. As I explained the meaning behind a few items, the ‘stuff’ transformed into important and powerful GEMs. And, I got to hear about random, oddball objects that were GEMs to them as well. And so I think it’s an idea worth sharing.

In the original blog version I highlighted people who had launched a new project, reinvented themselves or had an intiriguing story about a creative way they solved a problem. At the end of the interview they shared a GEM they kept around and what it meant to them. 

I’ll do that again, but I’m expanding the concept beyond people and problem solving. There are projects, places, events, and many other things that bring us good energy, and I’ll share it whenever I find it. I’m also going to highlight the main thought behind the particular GEM, and hopefully you can carry that idea around with you, and let that particular Good Energy linger.

So, I’m digging out some studio favorites for this first reboot article, and the GEM idea is “There’s a Wonderful, Miraculous Energy Out There and it’s a Part of Everyday Life”. Because that’s what I think of when I see them. And here are the two items that make up the GEM:

These newspaper articles are probably 20 years old, but they’ve hung in all of my studios ever since. I love being reminded that there’s a big, unexplainable energy out there, and things like this happen to people all the time. I bet I have at least 10 more articles like these!

So, put that thought in your pocket and walk around with it today. It’s kind of nice to think about. 

Thanks for checking in, and I’ll see you next time!