“I consider myself a process-oriented artist, so I respond intuitively to images that appear as the work develops. Silk painting, batik and mixed media offer me endless possibilities to explore, express or simply play in the realm of color and mystery. I usually have an inspiration that I’m following, and I can interact with the spirit of this idea through colors and form. The artwork has its own energy this way, and that ‘ungraspable’ concept ends up residing in the artwork.”


Kathryn Schnabel works in mixed media textile paintings, using vibrant colors to create abstract artwork around ethereal concepts. She is also known for her earlier work in stained glass mosaics, and has designed and installed private and public commissions around the country. Her classes in this art form focus on the old-world techniques she learned while apprenticing in Chicago with Hungarian glass artist John (Janos) Boesze.


Kathryn has a life coaching certificate from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, and works with people who are seeking their next chapter in life and career. She believes in the power of each individual's intuitive process and offers creativity consultations to help access this inner guidance.